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Bridge not bringing peace to the people

Installation of the Peace Bridge is now underway and it’s expected to be complete early next year, according to one city spokesperson.

The metal components are in the process of being put in place, said Dave Danchuk of the city’s transportation department.

“At this point, it’s scheduled to be complete by January 2011,” said Danchuk, adding that all 16 pieces of the bridge are set to arrive from Spain by the end of October.

With the structure is now coming together, Calgarians are able to get an idea of what the finished product may look like, and many aren’t pleased.

After surveying a half-dozen passers-by, there seemed to be a consensus.

“I live in the neighbourhood and I’ve seen a bunch of these phases,” said Sunnyside resident Dave Napier.

“Personally myself, I don’t think much of it.”

Paige Hollingsworth said she thinks the money could have been better spent.

“I think it’s ugly,” she said.

“It was a horrible idea.”

Bicyclist Jim Rice said the bridge may have the potential to draw people downtown, however, “it’s still not necessary.”

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