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Brighter days ahead for former premier MacDonald

Probably the second happiest person in Nova Scotia after the election results came in was Progressive Conservative Leader Rodney MacDonald.

MacDonald knew for some time that he wasn’t going to win. He had to endure a humiliating defeat in the legislature, and then spend weeks putting on a brave face as opposition parties ridiculed him, reporters grilled him and poll after poll touted his growing unpopularity.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have to smile all day while getting punched in the stomach. For 35 days straight. That’s what the election must have felt like for our now former premier.

MacDonald lived by the talking point and, ultimately, died by the talking point. His refusal to speak openly and naturally to voters was a big part of his government’s downfall. But that’s all over. MacDonald is back to a low-stress lifestyle and is widely rumoured to be in for a nice federal appointment.

As for our new NDP overlords, sure life’s a party for now. Just months ago many people thought they’d never make that rural breakthrough and form a government. Their dominant win has got to be extra sweet after years of being so close.

But there’s one glaring problem facing Darrell Dexter and company — they’ve got to find a way to balance the budget, which won’t be easy.

That’s something MacDonald no longer has to worry about. He could soon be spending his days golfing with Pamela Wallin and scarfing chicken with Mike Duffy in his new role as senator.

Paul McLeod is a staff reporter at Metro Halifax. He’s currently in rehab for being a political junkie. It’s going badly. Contact [email protected].

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