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British politician: ‘My lifetime of alien abduction’

Credit: YouTube Simon Parkes represents the Labour party in Whitby, England. Credit: YouTube

Simon Parkes, 53, who represents the Labour party in the town council of seaside town Whitby in northern England, is known for his commitment to local issues such as street repairs. He has also been visited by aliens his whole life, including a 9-foot green mother and a lover he has sex with four times each year.

When were you first conscious of the visits?
I was very young, lying in my cot, when I saw these strange arms and this creature was saying “I’m your mother.” During my younger years they would come once a week and they would always communicate through the mind. My mother’s type is a mantid, and we built a trusting relationship. Mantids are very benevolent but there are other types such as grays, which are like empty shells. I don’t respect them.

Why do you think they chose you?
I’m not special – it’s genetic. They have been following my family for generations.

We understand that you were often ‘abducted’ and even had a relationship with one. Did you enjoy that?
I don’t like to talk much about the relationship because it dominates the subject and the main point is ‘why are they here?’ It’s more wonderment than enjoyment, although they have never hurt me. They can manipulate time, and there is so much to learn from their technology.

Does it interfere with your job?
No, I don’t know anything different because this has happened all my life. Everyone around me knows although some people find it a shock. I went public before I was elected – it came up on the doorstep six times. Four people were very supportive, one was negative, and one said. “I don’t give a damn if the trash is picked up.”

How can you use this connection for good?
I think many thousands are like me and by going public, others will come forward and perceptions will change. I asked them (aliens), “Why don’t you show?” They said it wouldn’t gain anything, as humanity was not ready. But I believe they will show, and that would offer great opportunities.

What is the closest popular culture has got to reality?
Stanley Kubrick. He was close to the intelligence services.

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