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Bronx man found dead after four days locked in hospital bathroom

Bronx hospital worker Anthony Iuso was found dead inside a locked bathroom four days after a finger injury prompted him to visit the Montefiore Medical Center emergency room, NBC New York reported.

Thomas Iuso said his 44-year-old brother cleaned in the Montefiore operating room on the hospital’s third floor, according to NBC New York, which added that on Thursday, Anthony went to have an injured finger treated in the emergency room. His brother stated in the article that after nurses saw Anthony, he went to use a third floor bathroom, and that’s the last anyone saw of him.

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After making multiple attempts to contact him, his family went to the hospital on Monday, demanding to see surveillance footage, NBC reported, and that’s when hospital staffers found Anthony Iuso in the bathroom.

“Apparently they made no attempt to get a hold of him, get a hold of their patient that checked into the ER or get a hold of their worker that left work early,” Thomas Iuso said to NBC New York. “They never chose to check this particular bathroom until [Monday], when we finally started making a lot of commotion.”

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Thomas Iuso told NBC that the hospital has been giving the family “very suspicious, very odd” information.

“It doesn’t make any sense why professionals would be acting this way,” he said in the report, adding,”It’s insane.”

The family plans to contact an attorney very soon.