‘Brooklyn 11223’ gives Bay Ridge chance to be as trashy as ‘Jersey Shore’ – Metro US

‘Brooklyn 11223’ gives Bay Ridge chance to be as trashy as ‘Jersey Shore’

Let’s say after a long night of drinking, the Jersey Shore collectively threw up on the southwest coast of Brooklyn. There you will find Bay Ridge, a staunchly Polish/Italian neighborhood loaded with old people, dudes with enough hair grease to power a small motorbike and yes, plenty of pizza joints and cheesy nightclubs.

Why has this neighborhood been neglected ever since Tony Manero failed to save his dippy friend from jumping off the Verazzano? We don’t know, but Oxygen has finally found in the Ridge their own answer to “The Jersey Shore” (since, sorry, no one cares about “Jersey Couture”). It’s “Brooklyn 11223.”

Full disclosure: I’ve lived in Bay Ridge for several years and I can tell you that yes, this show will be the kind of trashy awesome you’ll want to watch when no one else is looking. My bets are on at least one brawl happening at a fireman’s bar called “The Salty Dog.” which is so notorious, the cops basically just come by and hangout every Saturday night, whether or not they’ve been called yet.

In the trailer, one cast member explains, “We do have that hardcore exterior. People are always trying to step on you or whatever.”

And yes, I have gotten stepped on in Bay Ridge. But that was because I found myself in between some union contractors and the entrance to a McDonald’s. You never want to do that.

Love, friendship, betrayal, hair-pulling and yet another embarrassing example of “Italian Pride” gone way wrong — we can’t wait to see how low this goes. Series Premieres Monday, March 26 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.