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Brooklyn DA indicts NYPD officer caught on camera stomping suspect’s head

A police officer seen on camera stomping his foot on a restrained suspect’s head was arrested Tuesday.

Eight-year NYPD veteran Joel Edouard was caught on cell phone as he arrested Jahmil-El Cuffee in Brooklyn last July for suspicion of marijuana possession.

Edouard, 36, and a second officer held Cuffee, 32, as he writhed on the floor in front of an apartment building on Malcolm X Boulevard in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Charges against Cuffee were dropped in December. Edouard was reassigned to modified duty.

The second officer appeared to place his palm against against Cuffee’s throat while Edouard pulled out his service gun and pointed it at Cuffee’s head.

“Help me,” Cuffee said while the officers restrained him. More cops began to circle around Cuffee when Edouard stormed down the block.

Edouard then came back and seemed to push Cuffee’s head against the concrete with his boot.

The crowd began to shout, “Stop,” and, “He can’t do that” before the camera footage ends.

Charges against Edouard include assault, attempted assault and official misconduct.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office will prosecute the case. Last November, the Brooklyn D.A. charged two officers with assault and misconduct after they were seen on surveillance video punching a teen in Crown Heights. One of the cops allegedly used his gun to hit the teen.

“Police officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us all safe,” Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson said in a statement. “However, this defendant allegedly stomped on the head of a suspect as he lay on the ground, which is unacceptable for a police officer.”

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