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Brooklyn has a Harry Potter-themed restaurant serving ‘magical pasta’

We are all, in our heart of hearts, at least a little bit inspired by Harry Potter. One Brooklyn restaurant claims its food is magical enough to be worthy of wizarding palates.

Newly opened Pasta Wiz (60 N. First St., Williamsburg) is going for a Harry Potter ambiance to go with its pastas, which owner Alex Dimitrov promises Gothamist are ready from order to table in five minutes or less. “The magic is making the pasta so fast, and so good,” he says.

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Forget that fast pasta isn’t new, and there’s about to be some serious competition (not to mention a pasta-only delivery service beats the heck out of owl post). The decor of the space is absolutely charming: A Sorting Hat sits on the edge of a counter — maybe it can help the indecisive make a choice? A giant chandelier hangs in the center of the ground-floor dining room, where the seating is mostly comfy-looking couches that feels more like a House common room than the Great Hall. Instead of a frog choir there’s a piano, and precariously tilting stacks of books, candles, a suit or armor and other medieval knicknacks line the walls.

The ambiance also doesn’t quite fit with the idea of getting your food in five minutes, since you want to sit and take it all in while you eat. Diners have a choice of two kinds of pasta, whole wheat and vegan/gluten-free, in four shapes each, and a range of sauces that are short on Potter puns, alas.

Everything is organic, which Professor Sprout would approve of, and there’s a coffee bar too because the 21st century wizard can’t get by on Butterbeer alone.

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