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Brooklyn mom laments: Son made it out of Flatbush, only to be killed at Cornell

A Brooklyn mother is trying to make sense of how her son survived life in Flatbush, only to be fatally stabbed in an early-morning brawl on the campus of Cornell University.

“You take your kid out a neighborhood and you do your best to send him to a good, proper college to make something out of himself and he comes back in a body bag?” Katia Toussaint told the New York Post.

The mother of 19-year-old Anthony Nazaire returned to Brooklyn on Monday morning after claiming her son’s body.

Nazaire was the first in his family to graduate high school and go to college. He was starting his sophomore year at Ithaca College.

To celebrate the first week of classes, Nazaire and his friends decided to attend a fraternity party at a Cornell dorm. On Sunday, he sent his mom silly photos and told her he was going to his “first and last” party of the year, Toussaint said.

“I said, ‘OK go enjoy yourself. Make sure you come home early,’” she recalled, the Post reported. “He said, ‘You know I’m coming early, I don’t stay out.’ And he never came back.”

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The fight broke out at about 2 a.m. on Sunday after one of Nazaire’s friends, Rahiem Williams, accidentally bumped into another partygoer.

“He was with his friend, his friend bumped a girl by accident and he apologized,” Naizaire’s 24-year-old sister, Kiara Nazaire, told the New York Daily News.

“Both of them apologized, even my brother apologized, and he didn’t bump the girl,” she added

Williams also got stabbed, but survived.

“It was a simple bump on the street,” Toussaint said. “They apologized, but the female did not accept the apology.”

Media reports say that the girl returned with a group of boys to confront Nazaire and his friends.

“From what I heard, none of the kids who started the fight are from the college,” Toussaint added.

With her son’s killers still at large, Toussaint said Cornell officials and local police have some explaining to do.

“Cornell has been a private college, charging so much money and something like this happens on your premises,” Toussaint said, according to the Post. “And you don’t even have the decency to call and say I’m sorry.

“You don’t even have security on your premises at the party. You don’t ask for ID.”

“It’s like saying, ‘There’s a war out there, let’s see if you can survive,’” she added.

Authorities urged anyone with information about the crime to contact IPD at607-272-3245or Cornell Police at607-255-1111,Ithaca.com reported.

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