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Brownies share the love

Dozens of girls learned the true meaning of love this Valentine’s Day when they decided to put together hampers to help needy babies instead of trading paper valentines.

Hosting a V-Day party for two groups of Sparks earlier this week, a group of Brownies tied the idea of love into their fundamental notions of “fun, friendship, and lending a hand.”

AnneMarie Darichuk, a leader known to the northwest Brownies group as “Fluffy Owl,” said another leader received a brochure in the mail regarding the 3,500 babies that visited the Interfaith Food Bank with their families last year and the girls jumped at the opportunity to help.

“Little kids don’t view it as a chore,” Darichuk said. “They get excited when they can help others.”

Fluffy Owl’s daughter, eight-year-old Gillian, said they were able to show the Sparks groups “that Brownies is a lot of fun” while doing something good for others.

“I was surprised because I thought parents could do what (the babies needed),” Gillian said, adding that everyone was excited to participate.

“We want to help the little babies learn and to be healthy,” she said.

In total, the 55 girls aged five to eight put together 13 hampers and delivered them personally to the food bank.

“Our children tend to exist in a little bubble,” Darichuk said.

“We’re hoping they understand that other children need our help.”

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