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BU has ‘green’ plan to ease student impact on Boston

When students come back to Boston, it certainly has an impact on the city in more ways than one.

The streets become more crowded, parking becomes even harder to find, and the MBTA gets clogged with back-pack wearing academics trying to get to class.

But according to Boston University’s website, there is also a huge environmental impact on the city.

For example, the University goes through 18 million gallons of water every 20 days, according to statistics on their website.

Every 3 hours, the school emits 60 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide.

And every six months, students, faculty and other BU attendees contribute to the 5,500 tons of waste that needs to be hauled off by trash companies.

Only fifteen percent of that waste was recycled last year, according to the school’s website.

However, in 2009, BU hired their first ever Sustainability Director and Communications Specialist to host a program to reduce the school’s carbon footprint on Boston.

Sustainability@BU, which is housed on campus, has a goal to reduce the University’s environmental footprint through campus infrastructure upgrades and by connecting students, faculty, and staff to participate in keeping BU green, according to their site.

To keep students and faculty in engaged in going green the school compiled “Ten Sustainable Action” tips to to try out during the school year. One tip is focused on at the school each month.

Some of the changes that are ongoing include:

1 Use Compact Fluorescents

2 Bring Your Own Mug

3 Carry a Reusable Shopping Bag

4 Computer Power Savings

5 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

6 Take Shorter Showers

7 Think Before You Print

8 Turn Off the Lights

9 Walk More, Drive Less

10 Wash Clothes in Cold Water

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