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Budding 10-year-old artist creates comics

Roslin Chen said she’s always thinking about things she could draw, and recently the 10-year-old Calgarian began putting pencil to paper to create comic books.

“I like drawing all sorts of stuff,” Chen said. “I just started drawing comic books this year.”

Chen said she loves drawing so much that she has to draw at least once a day or she doesn’t feel comfortable.

“I draw mostly everyday.”

Roslin’s father Arthur Chen said his daughter has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pen.

“When she started, you could see it was very basic but she’s getting much better,” he said. “I really like the idea that she can make comics. She’s telling the story.”

Before she begins drawing her comic books, Chen said she likes to make a list of the characters with their ages and names.

The young drawer doesn’t take art classes and is self-taught. She said she one day hopes to become an artist.

“I like being creative.”