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Budget battle for bikeways

Getting bikeways back on the municipal budget will be one Halifax regional councillor’s priority as debate begins next week.

Coun. Sheila Fougere (Connaught-Quinpool) says she’s “frustrated” no funds have been allotted for the bikeways master plan, which she was instrumental in getting off the ground.

“It’s been a real slug-fest from day one to include anything related to bikes, and it’s the kind of thing people are interested in, and want to see go forward,” she said.

This is the first year no money has been set aside for stand-alone bikeway projects in the capital budget since 2002. Traditionally, about $300,000 has been devoted to expanding the on-street bicycle network annually.

Regional Council endorsed a list of projects Tuesday devoted to expanding the on-street bicycle network with the understanding that their completion is entirely dependent on the budget.

They include: Bell Road/South Park Street, Purcell’s Cove Road, Herring Cove Road, Hammonds Plains Road, Bedford Highway and North Street.

In particular, Fougere says the proposed Bell Road bikeway, which would connect to the Willow Tree intersection at Robie Street, should be prioritized.

“It’s not only highly visible, it’s well used, and it would provide a greater level of confidence to
the people who use it,” she said.


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