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Build romance outdoors

It may have been cold this long weekend, but many of us have found a
perfect way to keep warm while still enjoying the great outdoors. Seven out of 10 Canadians say they have had sex while camping, suggests a survey of 700 people by Trojan Thintensity condoms, with women more likely than men to admit to enjoying our outdoor adventures.

For Stephanie Nairn, 25, getting wild in the wilderness isn’t the primary agenda for pitching a tent and setting up camp, but it is a great way to connect with her partner.

“When you are camping it can be very intimate and romantic. It’s good quality time with each other and that is what often leads to the sex,” she says.

But if this past weekend didn’t find you reconnecting with nature … and your partner, remember camping season has only just begun.

Sarah Forbes-Roberts, co-owner of Come As You Are sex store, believes getting down and dirty in the great outdoors is a perfect way to spice up a relationship.

“People do get stuck in sexual ruts and (sex outside) creates that element of something new and exciting,” says Forbes-Roberts. “Plus there is something to be said about having sex in the wilderness that feels deliciously risky.”

Although it may be wise to pack some lube, condoms and maybe even a solar-powered vibrator for the sexually adventurous along with that sleeping bag and tent, Forbes-Roberts says the best summer memories are likely to be born out of spontaneity and picking the right moment.

“Try using what you have around you,” suggests Forbes-Roberts. “Bring that air mattress out (of the tent) or try using some picnic tables to your advantage.”

Just be mindful of splinters, mosquitoes and neighbouring campers — unless you want your sexual exploits posted on YouTube.

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