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Build your own fighting robot

You’ve seen robots fight it out in the movies and now they can do battle on your desk.

GJS Robot, a group of China-based developers and self-confessed fans of Transformers and Gundam, has built Ganker robots that you can build yourself and control via an app. The toy-sized robot can throw kicks, punches and even use handheld weapons to bludgeon their opponent into submission. The robots have sensors all over their armor, recording every blow. Each hit causes a drop in a robot’s health points, with the first robot to take their opponent’s health down to zero, emerging as the winner.

GJS Robot team member Jason Zhao, explains why Ganker robots are set for world domination.

What’s the story behind the Ganker project?

The founders of the Ganker robot project are all superfans of Transformers, Gundams and other similar works. We are not the kind of people who are content with a static robot; on the contrary, we are all passionate about robot conversion and design. We aim to make a powerful robot like we saw in “Big Hero 6.”

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Does it really fight with other robots?

Yes, players are able to control Ganker robots via an app, allowing two or even more robots to have a fierce contest. A specialized scoring sensor system decides which robot is the winner.

How does Ganker work?

The Ganker robot adopts servo motors to drive the joints and the sporty chassis allows for quick movement. In the meantime, we’ve designed a unique scoring mechanism, thanks to our patented algorithm and specialized sensors.

What makes Ganker better than other robots?

It’s dexterity, agile fighting ability and fair scoring system.

What can Ganker teach children?

The Ganker robot allows kids to learn about robotics. It includes knowledge of robot assembly, which will improve kids’ understanding of the mechanical structure of a robot. Second, one of Ganker’s characteristics is that the player can customize the robot’s actions, which means that this, to some extent, cultivates a child’s imagination and creativity. Third, it further encourages kids to use creative skills through painting and designing their own 3D-printed weapons and armor.

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Isn’t this robot a violent toy for children?

Actually, Ganker’s audience is quite broad. We have kids and many adult robot lovers. And of course, we have specially designed security parameters for kids in the app, in order to make sure kids can play Ganker robot safely.

What is the future for Ganker?

We’re hoping to arrange a Ganker robot competition once the audience has grown. We want to encourage people to participate and enjoy the fun of Ganker robots.

—Daniel Casillas

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