Burning ban initiated after string of grass, brush fires - Metro US

Burning ban initiated after string of grass, brush fires

A recent rash of grass and brush fires over the last three weeks has resulted in a burning ban in HRM.

As of late yesterday afternoon, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services had responded to 67 of these types of fires since March 1.

The ban announced yesterday includes all open air fires, but outdoor wood-burning appliances completely enclosed and with a spark-arrester screen are exempt.

“We are averaging, what, eight or nine a day,” said divisional Chief Mike LeRue.

“It’s certainly strapping our resources. It’s been so dry.”

There are different reasons why these fires ignite, but LeRue said it begins with the fact the ground surface is “too dry,” a direct result of drier-than-normal temperatures and an absence of snow.

LeRue said two small structures have been damaged in the fires, and they’ve come close to more.

Firefighters were busy battling several more of these fires yesterday, including one on the St. Margarets Bay Road near Queensland.

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