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Busting myths about gambling

Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation president and CEO Marie Mullally stood in front of the Chamber of Commerce to dispel what she called “five myths” about gambling in Nova Scotia.

Mullally was invited by the Chamber to deliver her annual address concerning the state of the gaming corporation during the province’s Responsible Gaming Awareness Week.

According to Mullally, her tenure as NSGC president has brought her “face to face with some persistent myths about gaming in Nova Scotia.”

Mullally counted among these myths the position that “responsible gaming is an oxymoron,” that government can limit access to gambling, and that prevention is “a waste of money.”

She also stressed the modes of gambling have changed with technology, and more and more are turning to internet poker sites or mobile phone applications.

“Mobile gaming is the future, and it’s estimated to be (worth) $20 billion just this year worldwide,” she said.

“Gone are the days of a land-based gaming monopoly that provinces can benefit from … The access is unlimited, and it will grow whether we are involved or not.”

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