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Cahill on the outside of convention

While Gov. Deval Patrick spent the weekend pressing the flesh with insiders at the state Democratic Convention in Worcester, Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill says he was glad to be freed from the rigmarole.

“You spend most of your time with people who are already voting for you,” Cahill, the Democrat turned independent, said last week. “The way to win is to talk to people you don’t know or you have to convince.

“I’m excited not to be stuck all day going through the routine and spending a lot of money that we could spend in September or October when we need it.”

Stumping for support outside the DCU Center this weekend, Cahill didn’t enter the convention, the same tactic he took in April for the Republican Convention.

“A couple people razzed us and made snide comments,”?he said, “but I thought they were happy to see me; they respected me anyways.”

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