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Caity Lotz returns with the second season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

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Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance, aka Black Canary, in DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow,” chatted about her physical preparation to develop the character and what surprises await us in this second season of the series, which premiered on Oct. 13 and airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Your character has many action scenes. How intense was training for the fights?
I had been training in Filipino martial arts since before the program, thanks to that it is much easier for me when they teach me the choreography, because I say, “OK, I know how to do this.” Together we can learn quickly, which is good because we do not have to do too many takes.

How will Sara’s fighting style in Season 2 change?
For now, it will not change. One of the things I wanted to try this season was to give more personality to the fights, I wanted for Sara to get hurt, to not seem so invincible. I wanted to get hit and you get tired, I think that would be a new and fun way to give some humor to the fights too, but overall I like the way she fights, so I hope the style stays.

How will Sara react to the arrival of the Justice Society of America?
She will not be a part of it, she will be like, “Who are these people, this team of know-it-alls?” I think she will find them annoying, because compared to them we are like a group of rejects, we are definitely not like them.

What is going through Sara’s mind at the beginning of the second season?
The death duel continues in this new season, Sara has not yet overcome it. I do not know how long it is going to last, but I really want it to be a driving force to continue throughout the season.

At the end of last season, Sara also became very close to Leonard Snart (Captain Cold, played by Wentworth Miller), will she also feel that loss?
Yes, everyone she loves dies. We have not dealt with that yet. Sara and Snart were my favorite, and I was very sad that it had to end. I miss that relationship and feel that they were a very interesting couple.

Did you know that their relationship was going to develop that way when you started working on the show?
No, it’s something that happened organically between Wentworth and I. I remember him saying, “I’m going to relax and be very flirty, if that’s OK with you”, and I said, “Sure, OK.” Then he started playing with cards during the scene and we both said “OK, we’re going to sit on the floor and play gin,” and everyone else said, “OK, OK.” I think that’s why people liked it, because it was something that grew naturally and unforced. The writers did not say, “You have to do this.” It just happened and it was very real.

Are we going to see another relationship like that with someone else now that Snart is not part of the team?
Poor Sara! I was talking to Marc Guggenheim [creator of “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow”] on Rip Hunter [played by Arthur Darvill] and he said: “They are very close, but I think Sara hates Rip, he is there for her but they have a very stormy relationship.” And I think that it’s like that because Rip left them after the death of Sara’s sister and did not let her go back … I don’t think she fully trusts him, but they certainly have a bond. I’m excited to see how that relationship will grow on the show. On the other hand, I hope Sara and Vixen are able to have a very good friendship. Actually I think that’s very important.

Is there any chance that Captain Cold will return to “Legends of Tomorrow”?
I mean, after all, it is a show that travels through time … I hope that happens. I know they announced that Wentworth will return in some way, so I would like to see more of them together. They are a very interesting combination, so I would love to see more scenes of them together. Yes, it would be fun.

Do you know anything about the possibility of Sara having a girlfriend in Season 2?
So far Sara is being a bit of a Casanova. I think it’s fair to say that she has a little romance in her life, but I do not know how deep it is. It is difficult to have a relationship when you’re traveling in time or on a ship, but it would be good for her to have a strong partner, either a man or a woman. We’ll see what happens!

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