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Cal. woman cuts husband’s penis off; garbage disposal does the rest

The Garden Grove, Cal. police department issued a press release about a Monday night incident which brings to mind a sadistic Lorena Bobbitt. Here’s an excerpt:

The female, identified as his wife, had used an unknown type of poison and/or drug in the male’s food to make him sleepy. She tied him to the bed and as he woke the female cut off his penis with a knife. The female tossed the penis … in the garbage disposal and turned the disposal to the “on” position. … The suspect called 911 and told responding officers that he “deserved it.”

Anyway, it seems as if the Beckers were getting divorced, but now alleged cutter Catherine Kieu Becker is facing life in prison, which qualifies as divorce in certain respects.

Wife arrested in penis-severing case [Los Angeles Times]

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