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Calgarian’s fake memorials a warning to drivers

Fake memorials are one concerned Calgarian’s way to drive home the message that cellphones and driving are a deadly combination.

Jack Adamson is taking his message to the streets, just as the provincial government announced Bill 16 — a comprehensive distracted driving bill — earlier this month.

“If you’re distracted and driving, you’re going to get into an accident,” the freelance graphic artist told Metro.

Adamson plans to set up fake memorial signs complete with flowers on telephone poles around the city. The signs will be posted toward sidewalks with high foot traffic for pedestrian viewing.

The message reads: “Drivers who talk on cellphones R 6 times more likely 2b involved in dangerous collisions, and 23 times more likely if tex …”

Adamson said he purposely cut short the last part of the phrase as an abrupt reminder of how quickly a conversation could be cut short by inattentive driving.

Adamson posted his first sign on a 17 Avenue SW pole between 6 and 7 streets Thursday afternoon, with plans to post more signs Friday. According to Adamson, the signs can be posted legally as they would be considered memorials.

He expects viewer reactions to generate conversations around safe driving.

Based on feedback from friends and family, Adamson said he’s getting plenty of support.

Although he has never been in a car crash due to distracted driving, Adamson said that there have been too many close calls.

“I wanted to do something that meant a lot to me, and that could potentially make a difference.”
Adamson asked Calgarians to voice their opinion on his Facebook group called It’s Ur Call at

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