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Calgary a leader in green

Going ‘green’ in the city has never been hipper, but soon home buyers won’t have a choice.

Calgary is a leader in environmental condos and homes, according to the Built Green Society in Canada (BGSC), and they continue to set the pace for the rest of the country.

“Calgary was the first major city in North America to offer building permits rebates to builders offering green initiatives,” BGSC spokesperson Holly Chabidon told Metro. “It’s really cool.”

Chabidon said though it is more of a push from the industry which is heavily supported by all levels of government.
“Consumers don’t really have a choice. I think it’s been a big push to have green-friendly homes and condos because the builders really believe in them but not so much because consumers asked for them.”

She said one of the biggest green supporters in the city is Jayman, who according to the BDSC website has more than 3000 green friendly homes and condos registered.

“It’s just so important, actually it’s essential. Calgary is a great city and everyone has taken the green initiative very seriously, and it shows,” Chabidon said.

Dave MacKillop, manager of the Alastair Ross Technology Centre told Metro while Calgarians are open to the idea of green roofs and buildings, the job isn’t done yet.

“By no stretch is Calgarians’ interest a landslide, but the momentum is there and the interest is growing,” he said.

MacKillop said an important partnership with the Calgary Zoo coming up in June might help garner the interest needed.

The Alberta Prairie Green Roof Conference and Tour takes place on the weekend of June 9th and the zoo will host the informative event.

“We are definitely in a place right now where green buildings are important, and green roofs are a part of that. We just have to keep it going.”

Torode Realty even designed a green rooftop patio for their three-tower condo development ArriVa, in Victoria Park.

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