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Call it a fireworks hangover

West End community members visited English Bay Thursday morning following the Celebration of Light fireworks and were “disappointed” by what they saw.

Fast food scraps, watermelon and 3-D glasses were among the litter found along the beach.

Each year, just shy of $30,000 is put into cleaning up the beaches after the fireworks, and Park Board Commissioner Aaron Jasper wants visitors to respect the public space.

“We could spend that money in plenty other places,” said Jasper.

West End Residents Association president Brent Granby believes one of the solutions to the litter problem is educating the public.

“I think we should be working on more messaging and asking people to pick up after themselves when they come down here,” said Granby.

“None of this should be here the morning after the fireworks,” said NDP Vancouver West End MLA Spencer Herbert.

“It’s disgusting what we see here today.”

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