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Camaraderie at city hall

The camaraderie between the mayor and city council was apparent with
fist bumps and hugs filling the gaps between ceremony and official
documents as members new and old were sworn in at City Hall yesterday

Surprising and yet not surprising is the bond between councillors Don
Iveson and Bryan Anderson, who worked together last term in Ward 5.

The new ward divisions leave Anderson and Iveson as the Ward 9 and Ward
10 councillors, or as they affectionately called it, “Ward 19”.

“Bryan Anderson and I worked very well together for the last three years,” said Iveson.

“The mentorship I enjoyed from him for the last three years will continue on.”

When asked about his focus for his ward, Iveson was concise.

“I think the biggest (issue) is how do we bring families back into the
core of the city. How do we create affordable alternatives to urban
sprawl?” said Iveson.

“The way we compete (with urban sprawl) is to make sure there’s a compelling alternative, and that’s what’s missing right now.”

Bryan Anderson was candid about the immediate planning ahead.

“Within 50 days this council is going to have to pass a 1.9 billion
dollar budget. I think it’s going to be important for us to show some
fiscal restraint,” said Anderson.

As for Iveson, Anderson is looking forward to working with him again.

“We’ll cooperate working on our old Ward 5 as two separate wards but the
intent is to make it move forward in a good, solid, happy manner.”

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