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Cameras set to go downtown

All eyes will be on downtown Calgary after city officials announced the location of closed circuit televisions set to be installed within the month.

Signage is now being posted in three downtown hot spot locations including areas along Stephen Avenue and the East Village where cameras will be placed in an effort to combat crime.

While remaining cautiously optimistic, the Calgary Downtown Association (CDA) is excited about the year-long pilot project that should see the cameras running by early February.

“We have been supportive of this initiative from the start and while we know it won’t solve crime overnight, we hope it will be a supplement to the police,” executive director of the CDA Maggie Schofield said.

Bylaw services Greg Steinraths said the cameras are primarily going to be an investigative tool and a way to enhance public perception of safety.

While some Calgarians, including downtown resident Darren Dyrland, think the initiative is a good start, they aren’t sure if it’s quite enough.

“I’m hopeful it will help decrease crime, but I think something more substantial is required,” he said.

University of Calgary crime expert said the cameras, similar to ones along c-train lines, have already proven effective.

“It was a useful tool in the murder investigation last year of (Arcelie Laogan),” she said.

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