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Cameron Diaz marrying one of the Madden twins

Cameron Diaz and heavily tattooed Good Charlotte twin Benji Madden have been dating since May, but apparently that’s long enough to know he’s a keeper because a source tells the National Enquirer that Diaz and Madden are “planning their wedding for early in the new year. They’ve been telling close friends in recent weeks about their plans, but it’s very hush-hush.” Well, I mean, it was very hush-hush until now. Way to go, anonymous source. Not everyone is thrilled, though, chief among them Benji’s twin brother, Joel, who “actually likes Cameron a lot and thinks they’re a good match, but he doesn’t want Benji to rush into something so quickly.” Which is fair. I mean, has she even been around them long enough to conclusively tell them apart? Twins are hard, man.

I feel like there’s a whole vault of quotes from Diaz about marriage and family that could be dug up for this. Like in 2012 when she told Esquire that marriage “just wasn’t the thing I was drawn to.” Or how about two months ago, when she told Marie Clare, “I’m not looking for a husband or marriage or not looking for that stuff. I’m living, not thinking what I should or shouldn’t be doing with my life.” What a difference Thanksgiving makes, I guess.

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