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Campaign notebook: Odd choices for campaign songs

It might be wise to Google a song’s lyrics before using it as a campaign anthem.

Yesterday the Progressive Conservative candidates clapped and danced to the Eiffel 65 song Blue, apparently unaware the song is about a chronically depressed man.

“Everything is blue for him and himself and everybody around, ‘cause he ain’t got nobody to listen,” sang the Italian one hit wonders as Conservatives cheered.

When the ironic lyrics were brought up later to Justice Minister Cecil Clarke he explained “well, we’re blue because the opposition forced an election.”

Not to be outdone

That left speculation about what the Liberals’ song choice would be. Red Red Wine? Lady in Red? Perhaps 99 Red Balloons?

No, they went with a repetitive, dancey tune called Absolutely Everybody by Vanessa Amorosi. Choice lyrics: “Everybody needs a hand to hold. Someone to cling to when the nights are getting cold. I’m no different, I’m just the same, a player in the game.”

The NDP reportedly had no songs at their campaign kickoff.
Time not on our side

The term “reportedly” is used above because, like several other Halifax media outlets, Metro didn’t get to the NDP rally yesterday. The NDP ended up scheduling its rally at roughly the same time as the Tories, only in Middle Sackville instead of downtown Halifax.

An unconfirmed rumour has it the Tories said they’d be holding their rally earlier in the day but changed the time.

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