Campaign to make Hub’s crosswalks safer kicks off - Metro US

Campaign to make Hub’s crosswalks safer kicks off

The city yesterday kicked off an “aggressive” campaign to repaint crosswalks and other street markings, but what’s just as important, some said, are the potholes and uneven roadways that create another hazard at the crossings.

“If they’re not safe, if the potholes aren’t filled up, then people are crossing in the middle of the street,” said Sarah Kaplan, an advocate at the Boston Center for Independent Living. “It’s scary enough if you’re running across the street, but I’m in a lower wheelchair and I just have to pray that I’m not going to get run over.”

Kaplan said she was pleased to hear about the city’s $600,000 plan to restore the crosswalks. She also said that potholes at some locations provide an obstacle not just for people with disabilities, but for everyone.

“Crosswalks aren’t just for me, they’re for women with baby carriages and your FedEx guy who has got 30 boxes,” she said. “It’s really about safety and making sure the city is more accessible for everybody.”

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