Can waiting for the subway be dangerous? - Metro US

Can waiting for the subway be dangerous?

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Temperatures reached up to 106 degrees on some of the subway platforms this week, .

The hottest station recorded was at Brooklyn Bride City Hall. Reporters recorded the temperatures in some of the cities’ subway stations Wednesday evening, starting at about 5 p.m. till 7p.m.

Wednesday was the hottest day so far this year in New York City, reaching 95 degrees. The sweltering conditions are not only annoying but potentially dangerous, considering some people have fainted onto subway tracks.

Director of Transportation Programs, Richard Barone, has suggested many changes to improve the unbearable, platform conditions. For instance, lighter trains would help since they produce less heat, he said.

According to Barone, other fixes would be adding cooling stations for the elderly and children, platform screen doors for air conditioning, and active ventilation systems. Lucky for some, the 7 train extension and Second Avenue subway will adopt these improvements, reported in Capital New York.

“There comes a breaking point for us, as far as people fainting, health problems, people getting sick,” Barone said. “At some of our stations, we’re close to that tipping point where it’s unbearable for the customer,” quoted in capitalnewyork last year.

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