Can you help me find Richard Simmons, please?

There’s a conspiracy theory going around about Richard Simmons’ whereabouts, and it’s just as bizarre as you think it is.

In 2014, the 68-year-old reportedly ceased communication with everyone in his personal life, and he hasn’t been seen in public since. So naturally, there’s now a weekly podcast, “Missing Richard Simmons,” that asks the very important question: Where has the fitness guru disappeared to, and why didn’t he invite any of us?

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In the latest episode, Simmons’ friend and former masseuse, Mauro Oliveira, claims that Simmons has actually been kidnapped by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles.

Oliviera opens up about last seeing the fitness guru in May 2014: “It was 6 p.m., and I went into his house… He said, ‘Mauro. I called you here because we cannot see each other anymore.’ I thought he was suicidal.” Soon after, Reveles confronted Oliviera and kicked him out of the house.

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Simmons’ rep, Tom Etsey, denies the allegations, insisting that Simmons has just made the choice to live a more private life.

Richard, if you’re reading this: do us all a favor and let us know if you’re okay. Even a casual trip to Trader Joe’s would be enough.

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