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Canada Line to change transportation: CEO

The Canada Line will transform public transportation in the Lower Mainland, said the woman in charge of the $2-billion development.

“Cities grow over hundreds of years,” said Jane Bird, president and CEO of the Canada Line project.

“But in a little way, (we believe) it will make our city more livable, and a little bit more the city we’ve come to enjoy.”

Not only will the 19-kilometre line introduce north-south rapid-rail service between Richmond and Vancouver, it will also be the first time a major Canadian city is connected to its airport by rapid transit.

Bird, who has been involved in the project for the past eight years, said the Canada Line differs from the Expo and Millennium SkyTrains because it is built in a well-developed corridor.

It connects places that are already crowded, like Yaletown, Richmond Centre, Oakridge and Broadway.

“It’s not a line where we built it and we hope people will come. People are already there.”

While the end-to-end run time from Waterfront to Richmond-Brighouse is only 25 minutes, Bird said the interim trips — 12 minutes from downtown to city hall — will likely have the most impact on people.

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