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Canada Post to fraudster: Pay up

An ex-Canada Post employee who defrauded the company of tens of thousands of dollars and claims he gave much of the money to street performers is back in hot water.

Canada Post alleges that since William Schoen’s 22-month conditional sentence expired early last summer he has failed to make payments on the money he owes.

The Crown corporation has asked the courts to make him pay up.

On the day Schoen was sentenced, his lawyer told court that while some of the stolen money was used to pay outstanding bills, Schoen “felt horrible” about using it for his own benefit.

“He gave a lot of it away to buskers … he didn’t go on any holidays, he didn’t buy cars or buy any luxuries,” Jeff Ginden said on his behalf.

“I’m not sure how to take that perhaps tens of thousands of these dollars were given to buskers,” Judge Careena Roller said.

Schoen pleaded guilty to fraud over $5,000 after he was caught falsifying company expense claims and pocketing cheques over a period of several months.

The judge who sentenced him ordered him to pay $100 a month to Canada Post while he was serving his jail time in the community.

Schoen lived up to that agreement but hasn’t made any payments since, according to court records.

He could not be located for comment and the allegations made by Canada Post have not been proven.

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