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Canada’s social safety net appreciated in tough times

Re: SunnySide initiative

Having lived in several countries across Asia, Europe and North America, I find Canada as one of the best countries with great social systems.

Programs such as environmental conservation, recycling and planned usage of its vast natural resources are ahead of many other developed countries.

It’s amazing to find so many social services free of charge here in Canada, given that we come from countries where we had to pay for everything, which is usually expensive.

With a background in business, I’m setting up my first business here. What amazes me is how handy the information is and how many organizations are helping start-up entrepreneurs.

People say America is the land of opportunity, but having lived there for four years, I know how hard it is when people move there and struggle to make it.

I constantly feel grateful to be in Canada’s well-designed social system. The government has done a good job putting everything in place for its people, and that becomes so important during tough times like today.

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