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Canadians are ‘Spocking’ their fives

Facebook / SpockYourFives

Beloved “Star Trek” star Leonard Nimoy died last week after a battle with pulmonary disease. Nimoy signed off his last tweet with the acronym “LLAP” – “Live Long and Prosper.” Thanks to Canadian $5 bills, Nimoy’s legacy will certainly live long and prosper. Canadians have been “Spocking” their $5 bills for years because of Nimoy’s resemblance toWilfrid Laurier, the 7th Prime Minister of Canada who is on the bill, but the trend is on the rise again after Nimoy’s death.

Canadian social media users posed their “Spocking” photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. William Shatner was moved by the gesture, and wrote on Twitter, “And the defacing of the Canadian $5 bill warms my heart.”

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