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Candidate runs for future

As one of the youngest candidates registered to run for mayor, Eric Romolock is looking far into the future with his campaign.

“I’ll be living here a long time,” said the 20-year-old. “I want to an enjoyable city for when I’m older and I’m sure other people to do also.”

Romolock is a University of Ottawa political science student.

The top issue in his campaign is improving the experience for transit riders.

Romolock would accelerate smart bus enhancements, like predictive arrival displays and automated pay stations at stops.

He would move forward with the current downtown transit tunnel plan since he doesn’t want more delays for light rail.

“If the north-south line wasn’t cancelled . . . we would have had it already. That would have been one step closer to better transit,” he said.

Arts, culture and tourism are the other priorities for Romolock. He said he wants to bring Ottawa out of the shades of Toronto and Montreal by spending municipal funds to enhance local festivals and promote them worldwide.

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