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Candidates target Stelmach’s record in byelection

Calgary-Glenmore constituents are set to go to the polls Sept. 14 to elect a new MLA and the race is heating up for the five candidates vying for the vacant seat.

Non-conservative candidates said this election isn’t about running against PC candidate Diane Colley-Urquhart, but against the record of Ed Stelmach’s government.

“Regardless of who represents this government, I would like to be running against the record of this government,” said Liberal candidate Dr. Avalon Roberts, who is concerned about financial mismanagement.
Paul Hinman of the Wildrose Alliance Party said the province doesn’t need another MLA who is a “spokesperson for Premier Stelmach.”

Social Credit’s Len Skowronski said this is a chance for voters to voice their displeasure and point out the errors of the current government.

Eric Carpendale, the NDP candidate, thinks a “wake-up call” will happen for Conservatives on voting day.

“I think the constituents are worried about being sold a false bill of goods from the Conservative government.”

However, Colley-Urquhart said the priorities in her campaign are having transparency and accountability.

“Residents of Calgary-Glenmore have had excellent representation in the past with Deputy Premier and they need to continue to have that solid accountable experience at the caucus table.”

Deputy Premier Ron Stevens vacated the seat in May.

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