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Candy booze just hit Applebee’s for $1

Jolly Rancher drink at Applebee's

A Jolly Rancher drink has just hit Applebee’s nationwide as December’s Neighborhood Drink of the Month.

This is the first time Applebee’s has teamed up with a candy brand such as Jolly Rancher, own by The Hershey Company.

It’s also the first time the restaurant is giving guests a choice of two flavors for its Neighborhood Drink of the Month as opposed to one, says Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s.

What is this Jolly Rancher drink?

Kirk tells Metro that Applebee’s has never offered a Dollar Jolly before. 

It’s served in a 10-oz mug and consists of vodka and cherry or green apple Jolly Rancher mix. An extra hard candy comes on the side.

“The Dollar Jolly flavors, cherry and green apple, are two delicious and popular flavors of Jolly Rancher that we felt would resonate with our guests,” Kirk explains, adding, “We are excited about giving guests a choice of two flavors.”

It’s no coincidence that Applebee’s chose a pair of drinks that look festive (not to mention, “jolly” is an ode to Christmas).

Kirk also points out, though, that many of Applebee’s drinks have been “inspired by or include candy as a component. For instance, October’s Neighborhood Drink of the Month, Dollar Zombie, included a gummy brain garnish.”

Dollar Jolly here we come.

How much is this Jolly Rancher drink?

The Dollar Jolly costs $1 (if you couldn’t guess already). It’s available at participating Applebee’s from today, November 30, through the month of December.

You must be 21 to consume this Jolly Rancher drink, and Applebee’s suggests you reach out to a restaurant near you to confirm if that location is participating.

It all sounds like a merry good time.

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