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Can’t read the subtitles on Netflix? Customize them — here’s how

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There’s nothing like straining to read the subtitles on Netflix that’ll throw a wrench in the relaxing part of your Netflix binge-watching weekend. Who wants to work — and lean and squint and guess — when they’re just looking to unwind from the long work week? Not us, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than an easy read either.

Whether you have the subtitles on Netflix because you’re watching a foreign film or just prefer to have the double-down on the TV show script, you need to know this Netflix hack. Are you ready for this? The subtitles on Netflix are customizable. You’ve been squinting for no reason.

Make up for all the lost relaxation by going and changing the settings for your subtitles on Netflix now. And maybe get your eyes checked if you’re into binge-watching on the weekends.

How to customize your subtitles on Netflix

White lettering just doesn’t work for everything, and Netflix gets that — although they didn’t really socialize the fact that white wasn’t the only option. What if you know you’re going to be watching a show with a lot of snow scenes? Clearly you need another option.

All you need to do to start customizing your subtitles on Netflix is to navigate to Account. From there, select My Profile and head over to the section called Subtitle Appearance. You’ll find My Profile and all the options, including Subtitle Appearance, at the very bottom of the Account page, so keep scrolling if you don’t see it yet.


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From there, you’re free to play around with the type, color and size of the subtitles on Netflix — and you’ll see your preferences reflected on all your supported devices. So you won’t have to go this whole process again the next time you try to watch Netflix on your phone while commuting to work or hitting the Stairmaster. You can even change the background color of the subtitles and add a drop shadow to the text to make it pop.

(And make sure to check out our guide to clear Netflix history in case you “accidentally” watched that new episode of Jessica Jones without your significant other. It’ll save you some emotional strain.)


Breathe easy, binge-watcher. Your eyes should uncross soon.

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