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Canyon Meadows and Bonavista Lake retain natural feel despite growth

The Calgary communities of Canyon Meadows and Lake Bonavista used to border the southern-most edge of our city with farm and grasslands beyond — but that’s not the case now.

The inception of both areas began in the late ’60s to early ’70s, but since they straddle Macleod Trail, Canyon Meadows falls into the city’s southwest quadrant and Lake Bonavista falls into the southeast.

Now both established areas, residents agree the communities have gone through one cycle — meaning long-standing homeowners have reached retirement age and are downsizing, which enables younger families to move in and restart the cycle.

Anthony Masleck, executive assistant to Canyon Meadow Ward 13’s Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart, grew up in the southwest neighbourhood when his parents moved there in 1981.

“At that time, Canyon Meadows was basically the edge of the city,” he says.

“It was an interestingly designed community,” he says, adding there are many pathways and small hidden parks spread out amongst the various types of homes.

Linda Fox-Mellway, the area’s alderman and a Lake Bonavista resident since 1975, says, “It has always been a very active community with lots of young families, lots of sports and programs for families and people of all ages.”

Facts and figures

• Canyon Meadows’ boundaries include Anderson Road to the north, Macleod Trail to the east, the north boundary of Fish Creek Provincial Park to the south, and 14th Street to the west. Lake Bonavista’s boundaries include Anderson Road to the north, Bow Bottom Trail to the east, Canyon Meadows Drive to the south, and Macleod Trail to the west.

• Based on the City of Calgary’s civic census, Canyon Meadows’ total population in 2008 was 7,957. Lake Bonavista’s population was 10,534. The overall population in Calgary in 2008 was 1,042,892.

• Compared to Calgary’s total averages (as of ’06 census), Canyon Meadow’s residents average a higher household income (about $10,000/yr), yet they have a slightly higher unemployment percentage (0.4 per cent) of ages 25 and up. Lake Bonavista residents average higher household incomes (more than $33,500/yr) and have a lower unemployment percentages (1.1 per cent).

• Married residents make up 51.5 per cent of Canyon Meadows’ population and 63.5 per cent of Lake Bonavista’s.

• Based on the 2006 census, Canyon Meadows has 1,890 single detached homes, 120 semi-detached homes, 685 row houses, 405 apartments and 10 falling in the “other” category. Homes owned (versus renting) total 85.9 per cent within the area.

• Based on the 2006 census, Lake Bonavista has 3,300 single detached homes and 520 apartments with 89.1 per cent of the homes owned instead of rented.

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