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Cara Delevingne can’t drive

A major component of the plot for “Paper Towns” involves an epic, end-of-senior-year road trip up the east coast from Orlando, Florida to Upstate New York. But while star Cara Delevingne’s character, Margot Roth Spiegelman, is the one that sets the trip in motion by disappearing and leaving clues for neighborhood pal Q (Nat Wolff), the British actress and model hasn’t had much experience in that area herself, surprisingly enough.

“I don’t drive, I’ve never been on one. But if you’re offering, I’m very happy to take you up on that offer,” she says with a game grin. “I am better than Nat at driving, though.”

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In the film — and in the bestselling John Green novel upon which it is based — Margot is constantly at odds with her disapproving parents, who just don’t understand her eccentric ways and have lost their patience. That was one part of the mysterious character that Delevingne had trouble relating to.

“My parents have always been very supportive of what I’ve wanted to do,” she says. “I think I wanted to be an actor since I was really young, and I wanted to do that as early as possible. But I think all they wanted was for me to be happy, to kind of finish school and do that. But no, they’ve always been supportive.”

But there might be some friends’ parents who think she’s a bad influence, though. “No comment,” she offers with a laugh when pressed on the subject. But then she thinks a bit more about it: “I think one time I brought round a film which maybe I shouldn’t have to one of my friend’s houses and watched it with their parents and they were like, ‘What is wrong with this child?'”

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