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Careers in the Fast Lane

Deciding on a career can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a teenager pondering what to do after high school or an adult looking to make a career change, the auto industry offers a wealth of opportunities. For most people, their interaction with the auto industry is limited to sales and service experiences at the dealership level, but there is far more below the surface than meets the eye. Driving a significant portion of Ontario’s economy, nearly one in 10 jobs is directly related to, or reliant upon, the success of the sector.

Such a large industry requires qualified and talented individuals across every discipline you can imagine. State of the art manufacturing facilities necessitate positions you may never have even thought of, like robotics technicians, logistics coordinators and quality control experts. Similar options exist in OEM replacement parts production, not to mention the plethora of possibilities in the aftermarket as well. Each of these sectors necessitates engineering, production, sales and service positions.

Most manufacturers that sell vehicles in Canada also have head offices that employee hundreds of people in a variety of capacities, which may include but are not limited to: engineering, design, advertising, marketing, public relations, accounting, IT, government relations, and environmental relations. Each of these functions offers rewarding opportunities that also offer potential for personal growth and career advancement.

The auto sector is an engaging and ever-changing industry that promises many dynamic and vibrant possibilities, but the key to opening the doors to these specific prospects is education and training.

Thankfully Ontario is one of the best places in the world for those looking to gain the necessary accolades and skills to be successful. Many of our colleges and universities offer diploma, degree and apprenticeship programs that will get you on the fast track to an exciting career in Ontario’s vibrant automotive industry.

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