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Carting the Chicoutimi to B.C. carries a hefty price tag

Sixteen-million dollars — that’s the estimated cost of shipping the HMCS Chicoutimi to B.C.

The submarine was carted up and moved out of Halifax this week, but Irving is still waiting for a ruling on its lawsuit. Irving lost the maintenance contract for the four Victoria-class submarines to a collection of B.C. companies. Irving took the case to the Federal Court of Appeal where it was heard in February.

“The judges have reserved their decision and no ruling has been made at this time,” Mary Keith, a spokeswoman for Irving Shipyards, wrote in an email.

“We continue to believe that submarines that are going to operate from Halifax should be maintained in Halifax. Keep the 200 jobs at home in Nova Scotia.”

She said it doesn’t make sense to spend an estimated $16 million to transport the crippled submarine to B.C. and then back again.

“We have the skilled people to do the job right next door,” she said.

Navy spokesman David Martin wouldn’t comment on the cost of shipping out the Chicoutimi since the operation is being subcontracted to Dockwise Inc.

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