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Carvery escape adds to miscue list

Jermaine Carvery’s escape from custody in the parking lot of the Victoria General hospital yesterday was the fourth incident in the past four months involving prisoners getting free long before they’re due.
On Jan. 14, rape suspect Douglas Edward Young was accidentally set free from the Cape Breton Correctional Facility and turned himself in a few days later.
Eric Latham, 23, charged with aggravated assault and unauthorized possession of a firearm, was mistakenly released from the Burnside jail Jan. 12 and wasn’t apprehended until 11 days later when he was pulled over in a car with friends and police found a loaded handgun in their possession.
Guy Rudolph Beaudoin, 53, accused of assault, was accidentally released from the Burnside jail Dec. 13 and turned himself in a few days later.
“This is a government that’s been telling Nova Scotians after the escapes, ‘Don’t worry, everything’s under control, and the streets are safe, and we’ve learned from this, and it won’t happen again’,” said Liberal justice critic Michel Samson.
“And low and behold, rather than getting better, it’s not just that people are escaping, but they seem to be getting more dangerous each time.”
Samson said the fact there wasn’t a higher sense of security around Carvery, a man with such a violent criminal history, is difficult to fathom.
Fred Honsburger, the Justice Department’s executive director of correctional services, talked to media yesterday afternoon a few hours after Carvery escaped.
“It’s unfortunate it happened and whenever these things happen we take them very seriously and there’s always an investigation and a lessons-learned approach,” he said.
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