Casey Anthony watch: 'Tot Mom' spotted in Ohio - Metro US

Casey Anthony watch: ‘Tot Mom’ spotted in Ohio

TMZ has the first photos of Casey Anthony since her release from jail and … well, they look like most other photos of Casey Anthony. She turned out to be in Ohio, which is sort of interesting? And she’s wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes cap. Way to blend in, Carmen Sandiego.

As for what Casey Anthony was doing in Ohio, we can only speculate:

–Visiting the U.S. Air Force museum, trying to get high

–Wondering why people keep putting chili on top of spaghetti in Cincinnati

–Looking for any good parties in Akron

–Trying to figure out why no one had an accent

–Visiting her relatives there (this is unconfirmed, but it’s probably the real reason.)

Still, we can’t wait to see what exciting place Casey Anthony pops up next! Harrisonburg? Fresno? Dulles Airport?

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