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Cat Camp: The SoHo pop-up for outdoorsy cat lovers

If you loved the Cat Cafe then you’re sure to love it’s great-out door cousin, Cat Camp, a pop-up event coming to SoHo this weekend.

The pop-up Cat Camp will be decorated to look like a camp ground and will be filled with cats and kittens roaming about for you to chase after, play with at a distance and sometimes (if you’re lucky), pet.

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There is also an educational element to the cat camp, with the event’s main goal to inform and educate cat owners about how to maintain the health and wellness of their feline friends.
“Cat health is somewhat ambiguous and it seems and sounds clinical and it’s not immediately understandable,” Niky Roberts, a spokeswoman for the Cat Camp’s creator Purina One, told Metro. “We are taking cat health, breaking it down into camp themed activities to make it more understandable so people can leave here empowered to go and know they can support their cats whole body health.”
What kind of camp-themed activities can you expect? Aside from arts and crafts and cat-inspired yoga, there will also be a camp fire made out of logs covered in cat food, a rock climbing wall, a digital fish pond (that drives the cats insane) and a bunch of logs, trees and weird looking grass.
There will also be a cat behavioral specialist and a veterinarian on site to answer any questions you might have about your cat’s health and well being.
For instance, the number one thing cat owners don’t understand about their cat’s health?
“Most people don’t understand that cats don’t drink readily and that they’re prone to dehydration,” Dr. Deborah Greco, a veterinarian for more than three decades told Metro. “Even experienced [cat owners] don’t know that.”
The best thing about the event? All the cats and kittens are available for adoption!
The Cat Camp will be in SoHo at 201 Mulberry Street from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st.

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