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CBD and the NYC Marathon: A love story for runners, doctors?

CBD is one of the top wellness trends, and that’s not going to change as it becomes more mainstream for humans and animals alike. Its benefits are so great, in fact, that one NYC Marathon runner is going to use it during and after Sunday’s race.

No, Jessica Filoramo is not going to smoke or ingest marijuana. CBD, aka cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound that doesn’t cause a high, but can treat insomnia, anxiety and pain, including the intense kind that can come from running the 26.2-mile NYC Marathon.

“It’s really made an impact in my recovery,” Filoramo said of the Elixinol products she’s been using as she trained for her first NYC Marathon and sixth overall. “The general pain relief is really the biggest one. I can tell a big difference in my pain levels — and quickly.”

Doing long-distance runs ahead of the NYC Marathon, Filoramo, who is now a regional manager for Elixinol, is “not even icing afterward,” which can sooth muscles and inflammation and trim post-race recovery time.

As she has during training, she’ll use the company’s liposome drops, which aids her recovery and focus, in her water as she runs the NYC Marathon. Afterward, she’ll use its topical CBD Hemp Balm, which is entirely plant-based and can alleviate inflammation and muscle strain.

CBD benefits in NYC Marathon training + recovery

As CBD becomes more and more mainstream, an NYC Marathon runner and doctor tout its benefits for training and post-race recovery. (iStock)

“If there’s one supplement I suggest every marathon runner have in their arsenal, it’s CBD,” said Col. Dr. Phillip Blair, and not just because he’s Elixinol’s medical director. 

“I’ve never seen negative effects” from CBD, Blair said, but he has seen “surprising benefits” since he began studying it in 2014. They include improved mental clarity and focus, anxiety reduction, more restful sleep and decreased intestinal cramping and muscle soreness.

In addition to sleep and nutrition, NYC Marathon runners need to nourish the endocannabinoid system (ECS) with full-spectrum CBD, which means the entire cannabis plant is used.

“ECS controls neurologic, endocrine, immune, behavior and cognitive functions,” Blair explained. “When CBD is integrated into a regular long-distance training program, it can help with common concerns of endurance athletes.”

Elixinol is one of many companies that offers various CBD products, and many city businesses are also getting in the game, as Metro has previously reported