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Celebrate Polish Heritage at the Children’s Museum of the Arts

Celebrate Polish Heritage at the Children’s Museum of the Arts
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On Sunday September 23rd, the Children’s Museum of the Arts will be partnering with the Polish Cultural Institute for a full day of workshops and events inspired by Polish culture and contemporary art.

This festival will also shine a light on what Polish Americans have brought to this country since they first came over in the 1600s. For instance, did you know that the first Polish American settlers in the Jamestown colony had staged the very first labor strike in America? That’s right! After being denied representation in the Virginia assembly, the settlers put down their tools and refused to work and demanded their democratic rights were upheld.

Celebrate Polish Culture at the Children’s Museum of the Arts! 

“That was kind of exciting for us because we focus on civic engagement and sort of looking at how certain cultures have added to the narrative of freedom, inclusion, and engagement in our country.” explains the Director of Community Programs at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, Michelle Lopez. “Because we’re a contemporary art museum,” she adds, “most of the artists that we show are dealing with the subject of identity. It’s just kind of a natural storyline that emerges.”

The festival run from 10am to 5pm and will officially begin with a special story time from guest author Tomek Bogacki who will read his book “The Story of a Blue Bird” at 11:00 am.  The fun will continue with interactive performances by children’s folk group Krakowianki i Górale at 12:30 pm and 2 pm. They will perform two dances: Krakowiak and Polonez.

The workshops at this festival will help to instill this rich independent heritage of Polish culture for younger generations. Such workshops will include the polish puppetry class “Pavillions” inspired by the renowned exhibition “Pavilionesque” by Polish artist Paulina Olowska. That show had a large wooden pavilion used as a backdrop for her contemporary puppetry. This exhibit will provide materials for children to build their own mini pavilions to put on their one of a kind puppet shows.

Spend time sculpting the beautiful terrain of Poland. From the Baltic Sea (Morze Baltyckie in Polish) and Masurian Lakes (Mazury in Polish) to the peaceful Tatra Mountains (Tatry in Polish), Poland truly is a sight to behold. Learn about Polish School of Posters and view some originals provided by Contemporary Posters collection based in New York.

Enter the imaginative world of Filmmaker Izabela Plucinska with her workshop  The World of Izabela Plucinska. Located in the Media Lab, The festival will screen some of her best films that showcase her inventive clay animation techniques.

As a tribute to Poland’s 100th year of independence, you can Join musician Agnieszka Wilczynski  in the sound booth to record your own song together, while learning a few of her techniques along the way! In honor of this centennial celebration, The Polish Cultural Institute will give attendees an opportunity to send Poland a e-Birthday card in their STO LAT POLSKA photo booth for the chance at winning a free trip to Poland! Learn more about it at www.100latpolska.com

Delicious Polish snacks and beverages will also be provided in the morning. Check cmany.org for a full schedule of events and see you there!  

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