Celebrating Earth Day 2018 in Boston - Metro US

Celebrating Earth Day 2018 in Boston

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Here in Boston, we pride ourselves on our open spaces, parks, and beautiful waterfronts. From places to sit in the sun, to the views of Boston Harbor, to the grassy areas for communities to gather, our environment provides us with the spaces that increase our quality of life. As we celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 22, it’s important to remember the responsibility we have — as a city, country, and world — to ensure a safe, healthy, sustainable environment for generations to come.

The City of Boston is taking bold action on improving the environment and climate. Our award-winning Climate Action Plan serves as Boston’s roadmap for reaching its goals of reducing carbon emissions, preparing for the impacts of climate change, and reducing waste.

Climate Ready Boston is taking action now to prevent near- and long-term coastal flooding and exploring how we deal with extreme heat. We’ve completed in-depth planning in East Boston and Charlestown to protect vulnerable areas from a rise in sea level and are working on designs now to protect against flooding in South Boston.

Zero Waste Boston aims to encourage the city, its residents and businesses to waste less, and recycle more, creating more opportunities for reusing materials, and composting organic waste. Taking these steps will not only help the environment, it will save money and create new, local green jobs.

Carbon Free Boston is an initiative that is weighing the costs and benefits of technologies and policies across key action areas including electric power, buildings, transportation, and waste to reduce carbon in our environment.

So how can you do your part in creating a greener and brighter future for Boston?

Recycle and Reduce Waste: In Boston, we collect recycling each week with your trash pick-up. We picked up over 50,000 tons of recycling alone! Recycle what you can and make a conscious effort to reduce waste in your home.

Save Energy: Lower your heat when you leave your home, change your light bulbs to make them energy efficient, and unplug small appliances when you aren’t using them. Renew Boston is our go-to program for residents interested in saving energy, money, and improving home comfort. More than 40,000 Bostonians have signed up for a home energy visit. Visit Renew Boston online to learn more and work with us to lower your utility bills and do your part to reduce carbon emissions citywide.

Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup: Take advantage of the (potentially) nice weather this weekend, gather your friends, and clean up trash in your local parks and open spaces. It’s a great opportunity to get outside and help the planet at the same time!

I’m proud that Boston is leading the way on climate and the environment. In everything we do, our people are our greatest assets; and I hope that we together will build a healthy, thriving city for future generations. 

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