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Celebrities make their Mayweather vs. McGregor predictions

Mayweather vs. McGregor celebrity predictions

The wait is almost over as Floyd Mayweather Jr. will finally take on Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

While there’s been plenty of chatter by fans and analysts over whether the reigning UFC lightweight champion can dethrone the undefeated boxing icon, we decided to keep the speculation going by asking a few famous fight fans for their Mayweather vs. McGregor predicitions. From former fighters to A-list actors, here’s what the stars think of this weekend’s money match-up.

Mark Wahlberg, actor: “It’s such a crazy thing. Obviously Conor’s a tough guy, so if he’s willing to absorb some punishment to hit him, then maybe he has a chance. But he better do it quick.”

Kenny Florian, analyst and retired UFC fighter: “I’m going with the man who has defeated 49 professional boxers without a defeat. Floyd hasn’t even been hit many times with big and clean shots in his whole career.”

Keegan-Michael Key, actor and comedian: “Wait a minute, you’re going to have a boxing match with the greatest boxer, pound for pound, that’s ever lived? This is a really bad idea for Conor McGregor. It really is.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and social media star: “I would be very surprised if Mayweather didn’t win. Shocked, actually. It’s inconceivable that McGregor can win a decision. If McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather, he’ll be on top of the world for the rest of his life.”

Charlie Cox, actor: “There’s so much bravado and so much arrogance, one of them is going to lose. And that, for me, is enough. Who ever loses that fight, what are they going to say? I find it hard to imagine that McGregor can enter in a boxing match and beat Mayweather. I will say this, I wouldn’t want to write off McGregor.”