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Celebrity deaths 2018: All the stars we lost too soon

The year is still young but the list of celebrity deaths 2018 just gets longer.

Losing beloved celebrities is something we have to endure every year, and 2018 is no exception. The best we can hope for is that those that we lose too soon are able to pass away at a rich, old age, surrounded by friends and family and without pain and suffering. Though the list of celebrity deaths 2018 is much longer than it should be, not even through the second month of the year, at least Metro can report that some of the famous friends we’ve said goodbye to did get lucky enough to leave this world in just such a peaceful way.

Hollywood certainly lost some of its greats this year, but though their fans are grieving the loss of some of their silver screen favorites, we’re sure they won’t soon be forgotten.

From Jerry Van Dyke, who brought so many viewers joy on The Dick Van Dyke show with his brother, to House of Cards’ Reg E. Cathey who was taken much too soon, TV won’t be the same without them. And the world of music hasn’t been spared either, suffering the loss of Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries and Mark E. Smith of The Fall, to name only a few.

celebrity deaths 2018 dolores oriordan tribute

In order to preserve their names and memory, we’ve gathered a list of the celebrity deaths 2018 with some notes about who these familiar faces were and what they achieved in their lifetimes.

They were all taken from us too soon, but you can click through the slides above to remember them fondly and maybe rediscover a movie, TV show and music album that deserves a rewatch or relisten to celebrate their contribution. The world shines a little less brightly without each of them.


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