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Celtics, Bruins show their might in playoffs

What started out as pessimism and in some cases depression has turned into exultation as Boston’s sports teams have finally begun to show their might.

While the Celtics were able to sweep the New York Knicks yesterday, they had some close calls in the first few games. Meanwhile, the Red Sox and Bruins wilted early on creating some anxiety.

“After what happened [to the Bruins] last year we were like ‘Damn, they’re going to blow it again,’” said Edson Santos of Bridgewater as he sat in Beer Works yesterday dressed in a Celtics jersey.

Negativity surely isn’t a new emotion for Hub sports fans, but with the powerful lineup acquired by the Sox this offseason and the Bruins finishing at the top of the division, loyalists expected more.

Now that the Sox are in the midst of a winning streak and the Bruins are one game away from sending the hated Montreal Canadiens packing, many are rejoicing in the teams’ victories.

“You never lose faith. That’s one of the things about Boston,” said Corey O’Neill, a Boston fan and the general manager at The Greatest Bar.

Happy fans good for bars

Fans aren’t the only ones excited about the Celtics’ winning ways and the turnaround success of the Sox and Bruins.

Bars and restaurants are also rejoicing because with the wins come happier fans.

“Especially when all three teams are winning, then a lot more people come out and tend to hang out and stay longer,” said Dan Griffin, a manager at Boston Beer Works on Canal Street.

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